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Where to get weed in Nunavut

where to buy weed/marijuana in Nunavut. Where to get cannabis in Nunavut-Canada.

Where to get cannabis in Nunavut-Canada. Northern Canada’s Nunavut is a vast, sparsely populated area that makes up the majority of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. On its islands, you’ll find vast tundra plains, jagged mountains, and isolated towns that can only be reached by boat or airplane. It is renowned for the sculptures, paintings, and garments manufactured by the region’s native Inuit people. The Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum in Iqaluit, the capital of Baffin Island, features a collection of Inuit artwork. Keep reading for more on where to buy weed/marijuana in Nunavut.

Is Weed Legal in Nunavut?

The Assembly of the Nunavut territory rushed to finalize cannabis policies following territorial elections on October 30, 2017, just days after the Liberal Party’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government passed comprehensive legislation legalizing recreational marijuana across Canada beginning on October 17, 2018.

Canada’s newest, largest, northernmost, and least populous territory is Nunavut. According to Statistics Canada, Nunavummiut consumes the least cannabis per person in the nation and typically pays the highest per-gram prices.

The Cannabis Act and Cannabis Statutes Amendment Act were passed by the Nunavut government, enabling it to control the cultivation, use, and distribution of cannabis as well as the future conditions for the opening of cannabis shops and lounges. Additionally, it expands the prohibition on marijuana use in current tobacco smoking laws.

Where to get weed in Nunavut

The new Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission is in charge of regulating the sale of recreational cannabis. The commission has a two-year contract with a provincial internet vendor after which it will explore a competitive government tender.
Cannabis shops and lounges are now legal as of 2019. They must, however, receive community approval following a 90-day long consultation period. Chains like Northern Stores, the Western Convenience Store Association, and Arctic Co-ops are likely to submit applications to sell and co-locate recreational cannabis in their current locations. They must, however, submit individual license applications for each outlet.

where to buy weed/marijuana in Nunavut. Where to get cannabis in Nunavut-Canada.

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