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Where to get weed in Illinois

how to get/buy weed/cannabis in Illinois(Chicago, Aurora, Naperville..). Where to buy/get marijuana in Illinois

Where to buy/get marijuana in Illinois.With Indiana to the east and the Mississippi River to the west, Illinois is a Midwest state. Wetlands, farming, forests, and rolling hills define this state, also referred to as “the Prairie State.” On the beaches of Lake Michigan, one of the biggest cities in the United States, Chicago, is located in the northeast. The exquisite 1,451-foot Willis Tower and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower are two of its renowned structures. Keep reading for more on how to get/buy weed/cannabis in Illinois(Chicago, Aurora, Naperville..).


Illinois adults over 21 may possess up to 30 grams of marijuana, 5 grams of cannabis oil, and goods with up to 500 milligrams of THC as of January 2020. Adult visitors from outside Illinois are permitted to consume half of those amounts while they are there. Public consumption is still prohibited.

Prior to the gradual introduction of recreational retail licenses, residents could originally buy marijuana for adult use via regulated dispensaries. Cannabis with a THC content of over 35% is subject to a 25% sales tax, whereas marijuana with a THC content of less than 3% is subject to a 10% sales tax. Even though marijuana has grown stronger over time, it’s still unusual for a strain to contain more than 35% THC. Products with cannabis-infused ingredients will be taxed by 20%. Additionally, local governments have the authority to impose a 3 percent sales tax.

Where to Get Weed in Illinois

In Illinois, there are already 55 marijuana shops that cater to medicinal marijuana users. The state refers to them as “cannabis dispensaries.” The number will only grow as each of these companies is allowed to construct a second site to sell marijuana for recreational purposes. Utilize our map to see which stores are open and where they are located.
In the event that supplies run out, patients who use medical marijuana also get first preference (and in the beginning, they may). It is forbidden to use marijuana or products related to it in public, whether by smoking, vaping, or eating. This also applies to bars and restaurants. 

However, you can contact marijuana dealers if you want to bypass the drawn-out process of purchasing from dispensaries with all the verifications. They offer good quality cannabis and are very reasonably priced.

how to get/buy weed/cannabis in Illinois(Chicago, Aurora, Naperville..). Where to buy/get marijuana in Illinois

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