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How to Get Cannabis in Chios, Greece

get weed in chios

A Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, Chios is the tenth biggest in the Mediterranean and the fifth largest overall. By the Chios Strait, the island is isolated from Turkey. Here you will find out how to get cannabis/weed in Chios. Chios is dubbed “the Mastic Island” because of its exports of mastic gum. 

Is Weed Legal in Chios, Greece?

Cannabis in Chios and other narcotics are wholly forbidden. Although it is allowed to have a little amount of cannabis for personal use, even a few grams might land you in jail. The judge will determine exactly what counts as a “modest amount” in court. In the whole European Union, Greece has among of the harshest marijuana regulations.
When interacting with the police in Chios, you must be cautious. They are quite strict and will not put up with cannabis use. In order to avoid being arrested or brought to court, you should never carry more than one gram of marijuana on you at once. Even if you are just smoking a joint without causing any disturbance, they can still arrest you.

Where To Get Cannabis in Chios?

Getting cannabis/weed in chios won’t be an easy task if you are new in town. However chios has a vibrant nightlife with weed available at parties. First you need to talk to your valet. They always know someone who sells weed if you tip them. They will recommend a dealer they’ve worked with already. You Can also walk to the nightlife areas or clubs and also speak with servers or bartender. Also, there are dealers who also deliver weed to your doorstep so you can also exploit that possibility.


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